Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Backgammon Freerolls Special at TMG

July houses a few very interesting backgammon tounaments for the average online backgammon player at TrueMoneyGames. Check out the news and promotions section and you'll find new backgammon freerolls and backgammon races.

I'll go into detail concerning the backgammon freerolls in this post. Backgammon freerolls are always great to build your bank roll and to get started for the real money sessions, SnGs and backgammon tournaments. No entry fee is required but you'll have access to a real money prize pool.

Backgammon Freerolls worth €50 at TMG

In July you'll have the chance to check out a bunch of €50 backgammon freerolls at TrueMoneyGames. Every Wednesday at 16:00 GMT these backgammon freerolls commence with a maximum participation of 128 players, which is actually quite low for a backgammon freeroll, which is great because the tournament won't last for ages and you get the payout a lot faster.

Getting signed up to these backgammon freerolls is actually quite easy, members can sign up right away for a player points fee of 10FPPs, this symbolic fee is meant to keep the participation within limits, it's also meant as a reward for the loyal TrueMoneyGames player.

New sign ups can take part at the regular daily backgammon freerolls for free, with absolutely no entry fee or sign up for a buy in of a mere 10ct, which is also a pretty good value considering it's a guaranteed prize pool of €50 we're talking about.

Backgammon Freerolls Schedule

Check out this backgammon freeroll schedule for complete details on the current backgammon freerolls running at TrueMoneyGames.

Member Backgammon Freerolls

Tournament: Backgammon Freeroll

Date: Every Wednesday at 16:00 GMT

Prizepool: €50

Buy-in: 10FPPs or €0.10

Maximum Players: 128

Regular Backgammon Freerolls

Tournament: Backgammon Freerolls

Start: Daily at 11:05GMT and 18:05GMT

Prizepool: €10

Buy-in: €0

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Backgammon Championships 2010

The World Backgammon Championships are backgammon tournaments every backgammon player loves to death. Since the very beginning these backgammon tournaments have taken place at various locations including Las Vegas and the Bahamas. Recently Monte Carlo has been one of the favored locations for the World Backgammon Championships, certainly because of its exclusive and luxurious ambiente.

Expect a prize pool at the World Backgammon Championships that is rather uncommon for the average online backgammon tournament. The buy in to this fantastic event amounts to €1000 for the main eventl, you can imagine to which heights the prize pool of the 35th World Backgammon Championships will accumulate to.

World Backgammon Championships Qualifiers

In 2010 you'll have the opportunity to take part at online backgammon qualifiers for the 35th World Backgammon Championships at TrueMoneyGames, infamous for its online backgammon software. Win a package worth €2600 including a 7 nights stay at the 5*Star Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo for two. The backgammon qualifiers run daily and are divided into backgammon sub qualifiers and main qualifiers, the main difference is the buy in of course. You can also take part at Backgammon SnG satellites to win your entry for cheap.

This is certainly a backgammon tournament to take part at for every backgammon player, get your dice and boards polished and saddle up for the World Backgammon Championships at TrueMoneyGames.

World Backgammon Championships schedule

Date: 11.07.2010

Type: Offline event

Where: Monte Carlo

WBC Main Qualifiers

Satellite A

Date: 20.06.2010 15GMT

Buy in: €81.25 + €6

Min. Players: 32

Prize: One entry for every €2,600 in the prize pool

Satellite B

Date: 29.06.2010

Buy in: €40,62 + €3

Min. Players: 64

Prize: One entry for every €2,600 in the prize pool

Sub Qualifiers

Date: Daily at 16GMT, 18GMT and 20GMT(SnG sub-qualifiers run anytime)

Buy in: €10,95 + €1

Min. Players:8

Prize: One entry to main qualifiers for every €87.25 in the prize pool

Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Series of Backgammon goes online

World Series of Backgammon history

The World Series of Backgammon, one of the most popular backgammon tournaments in the history of backgammon. Amazing prize pools, the best backgammon players in the world and lots of glamour await the participants for this unique event. The World Series of Backgammon is split up into several tours, each one with it's own prize pool and it's own location. The WSOB is the place where the elite of backgammon faces off. For many years the World Series of Backgammon has attracted hundreds of backgammon players, now a new challenge awaits the ambitioned online backgammon player, the World Series of Backgammon Online.

World Series of Backgammon Online at TMG

TrueMoneyGames has always been known for housing great events and sponsoring exclusive backgammon tournaments like the World Backgammon Championships. Therefore it only makes sense that the first official Online World Series of Backgammon takes place on TrueMoneyGames on June 27.

Join the elite of online backgammon in a fight for a prize pool online backgammon has lacked in the past. TrueMoneyGames offers several qualifiers for the exclusive World Series of Backgammon, but you can also sign up directly for a buy in of €220 + €9.

Expect lots of tense tournament action on one of the safest online backgammon servers in the world! Download the backgammon software client and sign up for free to participate at the World Series of Backgammon Online Tour!

WSOB Online Tournament

  • Tournament: First official Online WSOB
  • Date: 27.06.10
  • Buy in: €220 + €9

WSOB Online qualifier details

WSOB Online SnG qualifiers

  • Buy in: €28.63 + €1.5
  • Min. players: 8

WSOB Online MTT satellites

  • Buy in: €28.63 + €1.5
  • Min. player: 8
  • Date: Daily at 15GMT, 18GMT and 21GMT

Friday, May 28, 2010

Backgammon Freerolls

Backgammon Freerolls in general

Everyone knows our favorite tournament variant out there, backgammon freerolls. Backgammon freerolls pose no risk at all to a player, as no buy in is required. In fact, you actually have the possibility to leave the backgammon freeroll with a real cash prize. This prize opens you the doors to real money backgammon single games, matches and backgammon tournaments.

Backgammon Freerolls at TrueMoneyGames

At TrueMoneyGames online backgammon you get the chance to take part at 2 daily backgammon freerolls. So why not start building you bankroll with a Backgammon freeroll to hit the cash games afterwards.

Backgammon freerolls are absolutely free, you won't have to spend a single cent for an entry fee, all you have to do is sign up in time. These backgammon freeroll tournaments are among the most popular backgammon tournaments at TMG, entries are limited to 512 players only.

Once the backgammon freeroll is over the prize money will be credit to your account immediately.

Backgammon Freerolls Schedule:

Tournament: Backgammon Freerolls

Start: 11:05GMT and 18:05GMT

Prizepool: €10

Buy-in: €0

Backgammon freerolls prize structure:

Winner: €4.00

Finalist: €2.00

Semifinalist: €1.00

Quarterfinalis: €0.50

Backgammon freeroll tournaments satellites:

Another backgammon freeroll variant are TMG backgammon freeroll tournament satellites. Win an entry to the €1,000 guaranteed Saturday Special. These backgammon freerolls start on every Wednesday at 19:05 GMT. Get an entry for cheap and leave the table with a great cash prize!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Play at 12 Texas Hold'em Poker freerolls every day!

Play online poker at 12 hold'em poker freerolls daily, that's a total of 84 freerolls per week at any time! The prize money ranges from €10 to €500, start building or extend your bank roll right now and get ready for the cash tables and poker tournaments. Use the money to play at the backgammon boards as well if you wish.

The participation is well within limits, so chances to end up in the money are quite high. Sign up and take some cash home!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Promos guaranteed to attract you

There are always poker promos that elevate themselves from the rest of the marketing out there. These are certainly some of them you'll most likely not find anywhere else in the scene. In March TrueMoneyGames welcomes you to a completely revised tournament schedule with plenty of freerolls and guaranteeds, loads of depositing bonuses and races.

Check out the tournament schedule on the website and you'll notice 7 hold'em poker freerolls daily. All of them are very limited in participation so you won't be facing off against an army of opponents, instead you'll have good chances to get into the money at all of them. Play a €500 poker freeroll, €100 freeroll we go as low as €10, you can choose to play all of them or focus on specific ones. Grab the hot chair and make some money at the tables!

Another great promo we offer are our special €2,500 guaranteed poker tournaments on every Sunday of the month at 17:00 GMT. Expect some overlay here and sign up for either €5 + €1 or win one of the plenty daily satellites for a buy in of just €1 + €0.10. Either way a lot of tense action and fun are as guaranteed as the prize money this tournament holds. The participation is limited to 800 players, rebuys and addons are available and the minimum starts at 100 players to take off. Join up and make some money even on a Sunday.

Take part at our FPP poker races as well worth €10,000. No matter if you're into poker SnG races or the cash tables, you'll have the chance to earn some extra money by playing here. For every time you get dealt into the hand you receive FPPs which flow into the leaderboard results on the website to keep you updated. If you want it or not, by playing at our cash tables you'll take part at these races with excellent prizes to win!

If you're looking for a deposit bonus you won't get past this one, a 1000% first deposit bonus up to 500%, no bonus code is required. You'll also have the possibility to make use of our recurring reload bonus. March will hold a 200% reload bonus up to €300 with the bonus code RELOAD200.

You'll never play at TrueMoneyGames without earning money, trust me!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Low Participation at Tournaments - Good or Bad?

You log on to your favorite site, check out the tournament schedule and notice there are a lot of tournaments with even more players signed up to. You'll be facing off against thousands of players, which will certainly raise the pot divided up between the winners. Of course lots of players at the tables will also lower your winning chances, especially because of the aggressive play you'll encounter at tournaments of this category, although tournament play at freerolls for example is even less predictable.

There is a huge benefit of a large amount of players tournaments where the prize money completely consists of the buy in the players pay to sign up, it's a pretty logical equation, the more players the higher the pay off.

This benefit crumbles when it comes to guaranteed tournaments though. Of course the prize money will elevate with more players signing up, paying the buy in and stacking up with rebuys during the tournament, but the competition will grow simultaneously. The guaranteed prize will remain even if the minimum sign ups have barely been reached, here we see a benefit as well. Battling 200 players for €5,000 - €10,000 is not only a lot faster, your winning chances compared to playing against 2,000 players will also rise, giving the players a higher probability of ending up in the money.

This is actually what a lot of players do, they check out the sites for low participation guaranteed tournaments, sign up and cash the money with minimal effort and in minimal time. You might actually sack in more by taking part at several low participation tournaments than playing a 5 hour tournament against thousands of opponents where you end up losing against a lucky donker in the end.

Try it out, you'll see a large difference compared to the million dollar freerolls you'll encounter. If this guide got you interested you might want to check out a few guaranteed poker tournaments with high winning chances right here. One thing to watch out for is new sites which turn out to be scam in the end without any payouts or other horror stories, a quick background check at google should quickly make clear if any risks await the player.

If you're looking to improve your play check out these poker strategy guides by professional poker players.