Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Backgammon Freerolls Special at TMG

July houses a few very interesting backgammon tounaments for the average online backgammon player at TrueMoneyGames. Check out the news and promotions section and you'll find new backgammon freerolls and backgammon races.

I'll go into detail concerning the backgammon freerolls in this post. Backgammon freerolls are always great to build your bank roll and to get started for the real money sessions, SnGs and backgammon tournaments. No entry fee is required but you'll have access to a real money prize pool.

Backgammon Freerolls worth €50 at TMG

In July you'll have the chance to check out a bunch of €50 backgammon freerolls at TrueMoneyGames. Every Wednesday at 16:00 GMT these backgammon freerolls commence with a maximum participation of 128 players, which is actually quite low for a backgammon freeroll, which is great because the tournament won't last for ages and you get the payout a lot faster.

Getting signed up to these backgammon freerolls is actually quite easy, members can sign up right away for a player points fee of 10FPPs, this symbolic fee is meant to keep the participation within limits, it's also meant as a reward for the loyal TrueMoneyGames player.

New sign ups can take part at the regular daily backgammon freerolls for free, with absolutely no entry fee or sign up for a buy in of a mere 10ct, which is also a pretty good value considering it's a guaranteed prize pool of €50 we're talking about.

Backgammon Freerolls Schedule

Check out this backgammon freeroll schedule for complete details on the current backgammon freerolls running at TrueMoneyGames.

Member Backgammon Freerolls

Tournament: Backgammon Freeroll

Date: Every Wednesday at 16:00 GMT

Prizepool: €50

Buy-in: 10FPPs or €0.10

Maximum Players: 128

Regular Backgammon Freerolls

Tournament: Backgammon Freerolls

Start: Daily at 11:05GMT and 18:05GMT

Prizepool: €10

Buy-in: €0

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